Dilsat Dalkiran, Co-President


Dilsat Dalkiran is a PhD Candidate in Economics in ASU’s WP Carey School of Business. With her research interest in female labor supply, she is concerned with finding solutions to the daily problems of women in professional areas, particularly the gender wage gap and female labor force participation. Dilsat has also served as the president of ASU’s Turkish Student Association for the past two years and is a founding member of the International Trade Club at Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey. Most importantly, as a Turkish woman who has both experienced and observed the similarities and differences regarding how women are treated in Western and Eastern cultures, Dilsat is thrilled to offer her rich, intercultural perspective and leadership skills to the work of GWA. Contact her at dtdalkir@asu.edu

Lynsie Zona, Co-President

Lynsie is a J.D. student at the Sandra Day O'Connor of Law. She is particularly interested in initiatives to diversify the legal profession. A former high school educator, Lynsie is passionate about working with young people, and mentors local youth interested in law. She is Director of Professional Development for the ASU Women Law Students' Association and is a staff writer for the Arizona State Law Review

Contact her at lynsie.zona@asu.edu!

Stephanie Koebele, Secretary of Internal Affairs

Stephanie is a fourth year doctoral student in the Behavioral Neuroscience Psychology program. Her research focuses on the effects of ovarian hormones and aging on memory, including the cognitive and brain changes that occur during the menopause transition. In addition to her research, Stephanie is passionate about educating underprivileged students about science and empowering girls to be involved in STEM fields. She served as GWA’s Treasurer during 2015-2016, and is thrilled to continue to serve as Secretary of Internal Affairs this year. To contact Stephanie, please email her at svkoebel@asu.edu.

Edurne Beltran de Heredia Carmona, Secretary of Public Affairs


Edurne is a second year doctoral student in the Spanish literature and culture program in ASU’s School of International Letters and Culture department where she also teaches upper and lower division courses of Spanish. She focuses her research in Muslim and Jewish influence in Spanish and Latin American literature and culture, with a particular interest in women rights and diaspora. Edurne has recently collaborated in an antology about violence against women and also holds a position as Associate Editor of the SPR journal from the AATSP (American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese). She is a very proud activist for a multicultural society and she has lived in different multicultural communities in the Basque Country, Spain, England and Washington state before she moved to Arizona.

Contact her at ebeltra5@asu.edu.

Alesia Prakapenka, Treasurer

Alesia is a 5th year graduate student in ASU’s Interdisciplinary Graduate Neuroscience Program. Her research aims to understand the role of hormones in learning and memory, and to develop a delivery platform that would maximize the beneficial effects of hormones in the central nervous system. Alesia is also dedicated to educating students about neuroscience and the type of research that can be done within this field, as well as the multitude of other opportunities available within STEM fields.  

Contact her at aprakapenka@gmail.com